Spare Parts for Wastewater & Sewage Treatment

Offering a fast, efficient, cost-effective and comprehensive spare parts resource for any mechanical or electrical equipment is crucial, particularly in circumstances when a malfunction can cause environmental damage or disruption to your operation.

Being independent, WAM UK are able to offer a comprehensive one-stop shop for spare parts covering all types of equipment – All domestic packaged type treatment plants, Biological Filters, Sprinklers, Bio-Discs, Rotating Biological Contactors or RBC's, Settling Tanks, Mechanical & Fine Bubble Diffused Air (FBDA) Aerators from OEM Companies past & present such as WAM Engineering,  Ames Crosta, Whitehead and Poole, Farrer Sewage, Tuke & Bell, Biwater,  Klargester, Titan, WPL and Clearwater & Conder to name but a few.

If you would like us to quote for a single part or for a range of parts from stock please Call 08000614066. Or Email Us and if you would like us to fit or install them, we can do that too.

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