FAQs for Wastewater Treatment

Frequently asked questions

Why should we choose WAM UK?

WAM UK has over thirty years of experience in sewage treatment plant design, management and pollution control. Our clients range from individual properties to large commercial organisations . Such is the quality of our design and installation work that we are fully certified installers for all major packed treatment suppliers in the UK, and have been for many for a number of years.

What type of domestic drainage system do we need?

If you require a domestic drainage scheme you can use our Site Assessment and System Selection Questionnaire to help you select the best solution for you site. Whatever system you choose, you must satisfy the relevant authorities that it will: •Treat or contain the effluent, providing a long-term sustainable solution •Be correctly specified to cope with expected usage levels •Pose no threat to water resources • Prevent nuisance

What can I do if we have septic tank smell problems?

Get in touch with WAM UK and one of our team will be able to assist you further with your issue.

What size treatment plant do we need?

The size of the treatment plant you need is dependant mainly on these factors; the number of residents, the number of properties and the location of the installation. The final model and size will be ascertained once we have this information and have carried out our site visit. A Treatment Plant from WAM UK still requires approval but is already the preferred option in many areas with local authorities and environmental agencies.

Do I need to get planning permission?

All new Wastewater treatment systems require Building or Planning permission. Adding a secondary treatment system (such as a Reed Bed) may also require building/planning permission. WAM UK would advise to check with your local planning authority.