Environmental Service Agreement

This service is designed to meet the environmental compliance needs of customers who are responsible for sewage or wastewater that discharges to either groundwater via land drains  or to a water course.

This service will ensure that your legal environmental obligations are being met and will provide you with complete peace of mind knowing that your legal obligations are being met.

The price quoted is per visit and includes a spot sample and analysis of your final effluent at the time of each scheduled visit.

Consents to discharge to water course include (but not limited to); Rivers, Ponds, Brooks, Streams, Estuaries and Costal Waters.
WAM UK Standard Service Agreement is a 24 month contract in which we will schedule routine Inspections of your sewage treatment plant often as required. You can rest assured that with a Standard Service Contract we will make sure that your Sewage Treatment Plant or Septic Tank is always in the best possible condition and is being operated and  maintained to the highest standard.

WAM UK offer a set price per service regardless of Manufacturer Or Model and any parts that may required will be quoted and agreed with, on site with you, prior to fitting.

What's Included

Electrical Testing

  • Electrical health check of pumps/motors etc via mega meter phase-to-earth and phase-to-phase.  This is to build trends to determine any deterioration in electrical insulation.

  • Amps drawn via clamp meter to compare with manufacturers recommendations and electricity trip rating.

  • Voltage/current trace through components.

  • All panel components for integrity, duty assist/changeover operation.

Alarm tests when applicable for:

  • Pump Trip

  • Hi-Level

  • Loss of Pressure

  • Loss of Rotation

  • Loss of Power

  • Up to one hour on-site 

  • Mechanical test of following items where applicable:

Mechanical Testing

All mechanical components, ie:

  • Pumps for blockages, defects, oil leaks etc.

  • Hanging chains for corrosion.

  • Floats for current depth, operating stroke.

  • Pipework for splits, corrosion.

  • Check valve for correct operation.

  • Drive trains for alignment

  • Guide Rails

  • Bacterial processes for correct growth (Sewage Treatment Plant).

  • Physical test of lid, frame and surrounding area.

  • Visual inspection of the whole system for defects.

  • Any causes for concern put forward to the customer.

  • Detailed Service Report provided.

  • Spot Sampling - Final Effluent samples will be taken and the result will reported on within your detailed  inspection report.


De-sludge Management

This is critical to help maximise the process efficiency of the sewage treatment plant and ensures discharge consent levels operate  within the legal limits detailed in your Discharge licence under the Environmental Permitting Regulations and/or EPP2. 

What's NOT included

Additional time on-site should a problem arise during a service visit, callouts, parts used at a service or callout visit, warranty repairs and labour - New components under manufacturer’s warranty to be installed at normal rates.